Weekly Recap to February 10th


A lot of work goes into everything that we do as a rover crew, but the end result is always gratifying and a lot of fun. In this album, you can see glimpses of our International Service Project meetings, monthly conferences, our Rover Games of Life, fun activities for our venture scouts, and our wildly successful East Side Cares project.

Our international service project meetings often take place in the evenings of a weekend, where a contingent of our scouts are dedicated to optimizing their time overseas in Malaysia and Singapore in bringing a friendly presence to their scouting community. As of late, they have been working on creating presentations that best depict scouting life in Canada, and our values as participants of Scouts Canada, such as environmental stewardship and personal development. They also spend a fair amount of time practicing foot drills, representing their uniformity, focus, and purpose.

Our monthly Rover crew conferences are vital to our culture as a scout group. During these meetings, we gather together for an update on what fellow scout members are doing to contribute to our cause as a non-profit volunteer group. We also use this time to recognize a Rover’s substantial effort put forth into the crew, but not just within the month, but as a pattern and personal expectation towards excellence. As a thank you, we reward this rover with a cozy wool blanket called the PERSIST award. You can see this on the shoulders of our spectacular department head of fundraising, Alice Feng!

If you haven’t noticed already, we love to do things in groups, and that’s because we simply love getting to know other people. Our Rover Games of Life enabled us to friendly mingle with people outside of crew, and in turn, we got the chance to tell them about our amazing program. We played interactive team bonding games with them, taught and learned how to tie knots, and got to explain what different departments do in our scout group. The two featured in this week’s album are our Scout Group Support department and our Community Service and Internal Socials department.

The Scout Group Support (SGS) department consists of scout leaders who have chosen and have been trained for their perspective scout groups. Some of our leaders are leaders for venture scouts. Last week, they all headed to the gym and played some wheelchair basketball.

Scouts wouldn’t be scouts without having the heart for community service. As mentioned in our previous blogs, a group of our scouts headed to East side Vancouver to put together care packages full of food and juice in hopes to feed the homeless. This was definitely the highlight of our action packed week!



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Nick Pearson

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  • Mostafa
    3 years ago

    What a briliant idea to have weekly recaps. Excelent post Anson. Certainly the activities highlighted in this post and many more asventures that the crew embark on help us make the most unique and vibrant Scouting group in the country.

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