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There are officially three months left before our International Service Project to Malaysia and Singapore! Although it may seem like the day of our departure is still very far away from now, the contingent is working really hard in our monthly meetings to prepare for our trip in May. In this post, we will be bringing you along to one of our contingent meetings and show you what we’ve been up to!

We usually start off the meeting by doing foot drills and marching in preparation for the upcoming Flag Ceremony in April. To make foot drills a little more interesting and competitive, after a series of intense marching and practice, we will end with a game of elimination. Anyone who has made a mistake while following orders from our commander, Darren Shum, will be eliminated. This is a good way to train us to become more attentive and focused in response to commands.

After foot drills and marching, we have our Iproj project lead, Anthony Lam, giving us updates on any communication with Scouter Daniel Siong, our host in Malaysia. In the latest meeting, we have received updates on the presentation and workshop topics that we will be presenting in Malaysia and Singapore. The four major topics that we will cover are: Scouts Canada, Leadership, Personal Development, and Environmental Stewardship.


Just like previous international projects, it has become a tradition that we perform our iProj theme song, “Land of the Silver Birch” to the scouts that we exchange with. Apart from learning how to sing the song, we also have to learn the actions that go along with it.


That’s all we have for you. Hope you all enjoyed this little sneak peek inside our contingent meeting. Please stay tuned for more updates!

Cheryl Kwan

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