2015 Malaysia/Singapore International Service Project

On May 3rd to May 17th, 2015, a contingent of Rovers and Advisors from the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group will be heading to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Kuching) and Singapore for our fifth International Service Project. Our contingent will be achieving several initiatives while we are in South East Asia, including several of the following projects:

– Performing service work in the form of presentations and workshops to the local Scouting association;

– Participating in a community garden construction project;

We are hoping to help in the construction of a new community garden area, and to help create a new community meeting spot in an environmentally friendly way. A possibility coming out of the community garden project is that children can participate in after school community gardening programs so that they can contribute to family sustenance. We want to help initiate a cycle where knowledge of crops and environmental stewardship can be passed onto children.

– Participating in a house building project with an organization in Kuching, Malaysia


Embarking on an international service project will not only allow our contingent to give back to the community and do meaningful projects globally, but it will also provide an opportunity to exchange ideas, knowledge and skills with our peer scouting friends in Asia, and to build stronger cross-cultural friendships.

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