Let us always meet each other with smile …


As Mother Teresa once said, “Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” … What a better way to start the last Saturday of the year with a SMILE? And to make your day even extra special, here is TOP 7 Smiles from our Rovers in 2014! Enjoy aaaannnndddddd keep smiling ! =)


1) Pumpkin Smile

Pumpkin Smile


2) PHOTO.genic Smile

PHOTO.genic Smile


3) Presidential Smile

Presidential Smile


4) Outdoor YOGA Smile 

Outdoor YOGA Smile


5) First Aid Smile

First Aid Smile


6) Mountain Top Smile (+ smiley doggy)

Mountain Top Smile (+ smiley doggy)


7) grin(ful) smile

grin(ful) smile


Mostafa Nejati

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