Breaking the Ice at the Kinsmen Breakfast

By: Derek Fung

I have a confession to make: I’m not exactly a morning person. But when it comes to helping a good cause and spreading the word about Scouting, I get excited; and so does our team of Rovers.


From Left to right: Kyle Andrews, Charlie Ni, Jordan Yum, Joanne Chow, Karina Lee, Cameron Butler, Derek Fung, Jackson Li, Dylan Book

On this morning, we woke up earlier than the crack of dawn to find ourselves ready to feed the hungry stomachs of 80 members of the Kinsmen Club, a longstanding volunteer organization whose mission is to raise funds to support individuals who face the daily challenges of living with severe physical disabilities.

We quickly sprung into action in the kitchen and in the dining hall. Our kitchen brigade was busy preparing delicious breakfast proteins and setup team was occupied with ensuring that our Kinsmen guests would have their cutlery, and morning coffee prepared for them.

At one point in our service, the power went out. Our kitchen brigade swiftly reacted to the situation with some quick thinking and great teamwork with Rovers shining light from their cellphones onto the flat top stove while their teammates kept cooking to save the service.

I will never forget the memory of our beloved President Karina Lee breaking a huge chunk of ice for the water jug, only to have the broken ice fall out and having to do it all over again.

One of the greatest joys of participating in Crew projects is getting to know the people on your team. Just like how no two projects are the same, the same applies to the people on the team. Working in unison with returning faces and new faces alike at every project is an experience unlike any other and we always have fun when we are together.

The most gratifying part of this experience had to be the time I spent with the people that I was working with on the team and the people that we were helping. There is nothing else that quite makes your day than the sincere thank you’s from the happy faces of the people you have helped. And I can’t wait to come back again to lend a helping hand.

A special thank you to the Kinsmen Club for giving our Rovers this wonderful opportunity to give back to an organization who has given so much to help others. To find out more about their current and future initiatives, visit their website


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