Year of Firsts


As we get closer to the end of this scouting year, it is time to reflect on how we did in the past year. This year, was a YEAR OF FIRSTS for us!

# 1 : It was the FIRST year that we organized both a Competition Camp and an International Community Service Project (iProj) in one year. Read out more about these achievements below:

#2) This was the FIRST year that all three candidates from our group were elected to represent the Pacific Coast Council at the upcoming National AGM in November 2014.

 # 3) This was the FIRST year that we had more than 100 Members attending our annual Gala Dinner! Check out the photos from that memorable night!

# 4) This was the FIRST year that we had a joint iProj (International Service Project) to Mexico with 1st Rivorton Rovers.

 #5) We had the special opportunity to be the keynote speakers at the leaders’ luncheon during the 2013 AGM.


Mostafa Nejati

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