Life long journey of Productivity

By: Sam Chan & Vivian Chan

On Wednesday, August 13th, we hosted a Productivity workshop based on the book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. This session guides participants through key productivity concepts which includes:

  • Collecting & Processing
  • Prioritization
  • Scheduling & Time Management
  • Execution & Routine

We believe that productivity is a life long journey. Everyone may be a different stages. We hope that our workshop participants are now armed with more tools to becoming a more productive individual.

Developing a routine is crucial to staying productive. Taking that first step may be even harder. We encourage everyone to go through “Getting Things Done”; preferably more than once. Here are also some of our favorite resources:
Productivity Workshop

We would love to have a conversation with you about what your own productivity tips are! Leave a comment below! Also, stay tuned for the next offering of this workshop. We hope to see you there!

Here’s to the start of a more productive you.
Mostafa Nejati

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