Electing a New Future

Voting is one of the most important (and not to mention simple) things you can do. It allows you to have your voice heard and it allows groups of people to be powered from the bottom up.

Voting is really important to Scouts Canada. In November, the Scouts Canada National AGM is an opportunity to vote on a variety of issues. This conference is a gathering of scouts who will represent their councils from across the country. These scouts will vote on various resolutions such as approving financial statements and approving the Chief Commissioner (Scouts Canada’s top volunteer). And these scouts are chosen by their peers – you!

If you are a Scouts Canada member who is aged 14 and above, you should have received an email called “Scouts Canada Election 2014: Pacific Coast Council – Voting Ballot”. Check your spam folder as it might have ended up there!

This year the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group is putting forth three candidates: Brandon Ma (Past President 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group), Nick Pearson (Advisor) and Karina Lee (President-Elect 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group). Check out their videos to see what these awesome candidates are all about!

In addition to voting you can support our candidates by spreading the word! We will have posts on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube! Sure to like, share, follow and retweet!

Brandon Ma

Nicholas Pearson

Karina Lee

So how do you vote?

1. You should have received an email called “Scouts Canada Election 2014: Pacific Coast Council – Voting Ballot”.

2. Click on the “Start Voting” link in the email

3. On the webpage, you get to select your First Choice, Second Choice etc. for a total of 8 choices.

4. Note you actually need to put in a selection for all 8 choices.

5. Click “Next” at the bottom of the webpage.

6. Review your vote selections and click “Confirm” at the bottom.

7. Go back to your email inbox and you should get another email called “Please confirm your submitted ballot

for Pacific Scout Election 2014”.

8. There is a link called “Confirm My Vote” that you need to click or else your vote will not count.

9. Finally you will receive a confirmation email called “Thank you for confirming your vote” which is the final step.


Have your voice heard and vote!

Thank you for your support!



One Response to “Electing a New Future

  • Mostafa
    4 years ago

    Thanks guys for the short videos to brief us of your background and your plans for the future of Scouts Canada.
    Wish you all the best in this election. You have our full support. (Y)

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