A Good Turn Game: Team Bonding From #iProj14

By: Edna Cheng

What better way to build connections than having shared experiences? To help and support each other? Aside from our service projects at the Mexican Scout Hall and the Volcanes Elementary, we also had a long term team bonding mission for each contingent member.


At the beginning of the trip, each member of the contingent was randomly assigned to another member and the goal was to act as their “secret angel” and look out for that member throughout our International Service Project journey. By the end of the trip, “secret angels” revealed themselves by presenting a personalized bookmark to the member they were “guarding”. This provides us with the opportunity to meet and thank our “secret angel”. Moreover, each member brings home an unforgettable friendship and a heartfelt message from their “angel”.


For me, I am truly grateful for my “Secret Angel” for taking every opportunity and time to look out for me throughout the trip. Despite his busy schedule as the Deputy Contingent Leader for our trip, our Advisor, Paul, often supported me by offering a helping hand during the two service projects. Even if it’s a small deed such as helping me dispose my finished lunch or providing me with supportive feedback, these acts of kindness have given me the energy to get through each day of the trip.


This long term project has truly helped each Rover to establish an intimate bond with at least one member in the contingent. Beyond this, this project also commends us to do a good turn daily for each other. Because of the significance behind this mission, many members of our contingent are excited to share this activity with their Scout groups back in Canada. I am looking forward to seeing this team-bonding project be passed to our next International Service Project contingent!


One Response to “A Good Turn Game: Team Bonding From #iProj14

  • Mostafa
    4 years ago

    The idea of having a “secret angel” to look after you is very sweet. Lovely!
    Indeed the friendships and bonding made as part of such international community service projects are invaluable.
    Keep up the great work guys! (Y) #PERSIST

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