Top 10 Ways to Move Dirt & Rock : Gif-ed

10) Shovels

Vol - Joerg Shoveling

9) Buckets

Vol - Kenald Lifting Buckets

8) Wheelbarrows

Vol - Nick Wheelbarrow

7) Pick axe

Vol - Jermo Pick Axing

6) Hammers

Vol - James Hammering
Vol - Sophie Hammering

5) By hand

Vol - Brick Chain #2

4) Manual Jack-Hammer

Vol - Darren Hammering

2) Under Fences

Vol - Chris Lifting Buckets

1) The Shirvinator

Vol - Shirvin Lifting bucket

Vol - Shirvin #2

Bonus: They aren’t sleeping, they’re storing awesome

Nick Pearson

One Response to “Top 10 Ways to Move Dirt & Rock : Gif-ed

  • Haha! Cool! You should perhaps put them up for a vote! Say “DIRT/ROCK MOVER IDOL” of the #iProj2014! I already have few to vote for in my mind! Hihi
    Jokes asides, awesome work guys! God bless you. 🙂

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