The Spirit of Volunteering: Day 2 from #iProj14

By Anthony Lam

This is part of a series of posts we will be publishing during our International Service Project in Puerto Vallarta.

On Day 2 of our International Service Project in Puerto Vallarta, we were invited to an International Altruism Festival. The festival is a local event hosted by the United States Consulate for local Puerto Vallarta residents to promote doing a good turn and contributing back to society. This annual event is in its tenth year, and  features a wide array of community-based non-profit organizations. We were greeted by Raymundo Tamayo, Director of Organizational Growth, who welcomed us to this event and explained the impact that this event has on the Scouting Movement in Mexico.


A local area Scout Group has just started up, and wanted us to support them in promoting the Scouting Movement. It was our honour to be present at this festival. We know and value the idea of community service and volunteering. We all enjoyed describing to Puerto Vallarta residents the impact Scouting has had on us. We hope that our words will turn into inspiration to join the Scouting Movement.

Aside from promoting Scouting, many locals were interested in seeing Canadian Scouts present at their event. They were happy to hear that we travel internationally as volunteers.

It’s beautiful to see that the idea of doing a good turn is being promoted on an international level. In fact, Scouts Canada just completed their annual Good Turn Week, which is a week-long Canadian altruism event for Scout groups all across Canada.

Anthony Lam

2 Responses to “The Spirit of Volunteering: Day 2 from #iProj14

  • Awesome posting. Keep it up rovers!

  • John Wong
    4 years ago

    As a long time scouter, I am especially touched by this idea of doing a good turn, giving back to the community, and celebrating it in an International Altruism Festival. I am glad that our two Canadian rover crews are able to fulfill Scout Canada’s Good Turn Week internationally.

    Keep up with your inspiration!


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