An International Campfire: Day 2 from #iProj14

By Dylan Book

This is part of a series of posts we will be publishing during our International Service Project in Puerto Vallarta.

The Mexican Scouts have been incredibly welcoming ever since we landed two days ago, and last night our contingent had the pleasure of attending a beach-side bonfire hosted by the Mexican Rover Scouts. Our two groups sang campfire songs and exchanged cheers until late into the night.

One song was particularly special for me. I first heard “Ging Gang Goolie” when I was at my first campfire over 16 years ago. My Scout leader explained to us that its nonsensical lyrics so that Scouts from all over the world could sing it together. Singing “Ging Gang Goolie” with the Mexican Rover Scouts brought me back to that time as a young Scout and fulfilled Scouting’s promise of international friendship.

We are grateful for the time and effort the Mexican Rover Scouts put into setting up the fire to celebrate our arrival.

Dylan Book

3 Responses to “An International Campfire: Day 2 from #iProj14

  • Congratulations for such a great blog!! It was a pleasure meeting the 180th Pacific Coast Rover Crew during my visit to Puerto Vallarta. The flashdances, the great conversations with John and interacting with so many young leaders was definitely an inspiration. Keep up the great work and have lots of fun in Puerto Vallarta!!
    Cheers!! Raymundo

    • Mostafa
      4 years ago

      Thanks Raymundo for the kind hospitality. Keep up the great work!

  • John Wong
    4 years ago

    Thanks to Dylan and Raymundo for the wonderful posting and comment.
    Looking at the photos give me a warm and fuzzy feeling!


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