The 8th Value in PERSIST

Sam Chan, Samuel Ng and Head Advisor  John Chow.

Sam Chan, Samuel Ng and Rover Crew Head Advisor John Chow.

By: Sam Chan, Mentor

I’m honored to have the opportunity to present February’s PERSIST award.

It is often said that individuals get as much out of something as they put into it. In a short amount of time, Samuel Ng has demonstrated that he lives by this saying through his participation in our group. He supported our Rover Crew’s fundraising initiative by selling over $400 of popcorn. He actively volunteers at one of our Rover Crew’s sponsored Scout Groups in Richmond, serving once a week as a Beaver Leader. He has also invited his friends to join him in our group because he has seen the value, potential and impact it can have. He is also heavily involved in two of our Rover Crew’s departments. Beyond all this and his demonstration of our Group’s seven core values, I want to highlight one particular trait which I believe this Rover truly exemplifies. This 8th value is “persist”.

What this value means to me is that this individual is able to achieve to their best ability through adversity. Despite some stumbling steps, this individual can overcome these challenges with some encouraging words and a nudge in the right direction. As an example, Samuel had difficulty selling popcorn initially. But he persisted and managed to do what he could to support our Rover Crew. In fact, he wrote an article with fundraising tips to empower other Rover Crew members to sell popcorn. When I approached him about helping out at one of our sponsored Scout Group, 28th Richmond Scout Group, he was hesitant because working with kids is not something he particularly enjoys. But he persisted and now finds himself heavily involved. Fully knowing how busy his studies can be while in an Electrical Engineering program, he still willingly dives head first into various roles and tasks within this group.

For his unwavering dedication to our group, his persistence to improve himself, and his infectious positive attitude, I am extremely happy to present our Rover Crew’s PERSIST winner for the month of February, Samuel Ng.

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We strive to recognize individual Rovers who not only believes in our values but lives by each and every one of them.  Nominations are made by their fellow peers for the PERSIST award monthly and is then selected by our Head Advisor, John Chow.  This award is presented at our monthly meetings but is earned through demonstration of our values throughout a Rover’s time with the Group, not just for that particular month.

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  • Mostafa
    4 years ago

    Congratulations Samuel for your PERSIST award! Your perseverance and setting your mind to achieve your goal is exemplary. Keep up the great work.

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