Comp Camp 2014 Group photo!


Thank you everyone for coming out and making Camp S.W.A.G. a truly awesome adventure! The photo gallery has been uploaded for your viewing pleasure, and the top 50 pictures have been chosen and posted on this page! A blog post dedicated to this year’s comp camp, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: COMPETITION CAMP SWAG 2014, has also been posted!

We would like to congratulate the following top 5 patrols for their achievements at this camp:

C3-PO Patrol from the 19th Richmond Scout Group
Jar Jar Patrol from the 13th Ryerson Scout Group
Leia Patrol from the 33rd Kerrisdale Centennial Scout Group
Han Yolo Patrol from the 32nd Richmond Scout Group
Hoth Patrol from the 12th Richmond Scout Group

RANK Group Squad
1 19th Richmond C3-PO’s
2 13th Ryerson Jar Jar
3 33rd Kerrisdale Leia
4 32nd Richmond Han Yolo
5 12th Richmond Hoth
6 33rd Richmond Elite
7 32nd Richmond Imperial
8 13th Ryerson Rebel
9 4th North View Yoda
10 33rd Kerrisdale Kamino
11 4th North View Chewbacca
12 13th SW Vader
13 33rd Richmond R2D2
14 99th Assassin
RANK Group Squad
15 19th Richmond Palpatine
16 32nd Richmond Dooku
17 32nd Richmond Grevious
18 13th SW Obi-Wan
19 116th East Van Phantom
20 23rd ER Ewok
21 99th Jabba
22 99th Naboo
23 116th East Van Mace WIndu’s
24 15th Coquiltlam Padme
25 15th Coquiltlam Swagwalker
26 21st St. Mary Coruswag
27 138th East Van Tatooine
28 12th Richmond Dagobah
Howard So

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