An International Mentoring Success Story

By: Clarice Fu

In May 2012, the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group sent a contingent of 30 Rovers and advisors to China for two weeks.  One leg of this humanitarian trip included delivering training workshops to the Youth Wellness Association in Shilong, Guang Zhou.  Amongst the topics were leadership, personal development, business management and environmental stewardship.  Read our trip’s blog posts here

I was part of the team that delivered the workshop on personal development and mentoring.  It was well received by the young adults attending, and some of them were brought to tears as they shared their personal struggles.   Many were inspired to set their own goals and to follow their dreams.

Having delivered workshops a few times before, I know that they are oftentimes a hit-and-miss.  We generate a lot of energy for the day, but we’re never sure how many participants will transfer the new knowledge to their daily lives.

I vividly remember a girl approaching me after the workshop and told me that she was very unhappy in her work and that her family was giving her immense pressure to get married.  I encouraged her to do something about it, and to pursue a career that would make her happy.  I held her hand as she cried, and I felt that we connected that moment.  As we left the facilities that evening, I hoped that she would have the courage to take her first steps.

Two days ago, almost two years after our Shilong trip, I received a text from an overseas number that I didn’t recognize.  Here is an exerpt from our conversation:

Cindy*: Hey…Clarice.  Remember me? [sends me some photos from our workshop day in Shilong]

Me: Oh my goodness!! Of course I remember u!  You’re Cindy!

Cindy: Hahaaa, remember now?  In May of 2012, all of you came to China n u made a speech to us. N I remember u taught us that we need a target.  From then on, I decided to change myself.  I dreamed that I became a Chinese teacher with a good salary n get married with my Mr.Right in 3 yrs. Now I DID it.  I feel my life is more beautiful than ever. I thought of u as my mentor privately, and I want to say “thank you” with my most sincere gratitude.

Me: I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Congratulations, you did it! I’m so proud of you!  Are you happy now?

Cindy: Of course, I feel so warm.  [sends me a photo of her and her fianceé] He will be my husband in September.   I am soooo happy to get in touch with you today.  In fact, your spirit inspired me these last two years.  

This unexpected surprise brought me to tears and reminded me of the power of mentoring.  Sometimes we see change in our mentees within a few months.  Sometimes we don’t see the fruits of our labour until years later.  And sometimes it seems like we run into a wall and that we are not making any progress.  But that is all part of the magic, because each mentee is unique in their development.

As I drift off to sleep that night with a smile on my face, I think back to how much mentoring has changed me, and how many rover scouts in our crew have benefitted from mentoring. Truly, there are few things in life more powerful than making a lasting, positive impact on the lives of others.   This is why mentoring has become one of the pillars of our crew’s program.

If you are seeking mentorship, I invite you to reach out to us to experience it for yourself.  Leave your question here to find out more!

 For a link to Clarice’s blog series on mentoring, click here!

*The young lady’s name above has been modified to protect her privacy


Clarice is an alumni advisor of our Crew and served as President in 2009-2010.  One of our crew’s first mentors, Clarice firmly believes in the power of mentoring in helping young adults reach their full potential.  Since she started mentoring five years ago, she has coached over 20 rovers scouts, provides training for new and existing mentors, and continues to be inspired by the positive change she sees in Rover Scouts that have benefited from mentoring.


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  • Clarice,
    You must be feeling such a sense of accomplishment, joy and happiness for Cindy knowing that your mentoring had such a impact on one person’s life.
    Congratulations on a job well done.

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