An amazing year for Elsie Roy

By Scouter Felipe


On December 18th, 23rd Elsie Roy, one of our home groups, held its last meeting of the year with two special events: Investiture and Christmas party. You could find good food from the potluck, ginger bread house construction, parents supporting their child, and of course scouting spirit everywhere.

The Investiture

For those who don’t know what investiture in scouting means, it’s a special celebration where new members officially become part of a scout group. With over 20 youth invested, this was the largest investiture for 23rd Elsie Roy. Every youth invested received an Elsie Roy Group necker after committing with their section promise.

“Beaveeers, beaveeers, beaveeers. Shaaaring, shaaaring, shaaaring”

We had 10 little cute ones (5-8 years old) invested into our Beaver section, lead by Karina Lee our dedicated Scout Group Support Department Head.



The Cub section, lead by ‘Akela’ Scouter Paul Leung, and where you will find me as a leader, invested 13 new kids (8-10), officially forming 3 different packs of 6 cubs: Bear, Coyote, and Lion Six.



In the Scout section, lead by Scouter Nick Pearson, 2 youth (11-14) took the Scout Promise and were invested as you can see below:



Last but not least, we leaders renewed our promise and law in front of the group, and all leaders received group neckers. Congratulation to everyone!

Elsie Roy’s Growth this year

Elsie Roy has found difficulty in increasing membership over the years, but this year has shown to be different: since September, the group has grown over 100%, having more than 35 kids registered in our program today. These result would not be possible without establishing better programs for our sections and Strategic Growth Plans implemented by 180th Pacific Coast Rover Crew’s Scout Group Support Department. Elsie Roy has still a lot to grow until the end of the year, and will keep you up to date with the good work.

Thank you

Many people were involved for this event to be successful, so please allow me to finish this post thanking the parents for their support (and delicious potluck contributions), leaders for running the program, Scout Group Support Department for supporting us, and Karen’s mom for making the neckers we presented the youth.
I wish you Wonderful Holidays, full of joy & happiness!!

Felipe Gasparino

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