Mentoring Workshop

At the 2013 National Scouts Canada AGM, we were invited to present a workshop on our mentoring program and the benefits we’ve seen from it. The video goes through who we are, why we started the mentoring program, and a high-level explanation of what we do.

Sample Personal Development Plans

Below are some sample Personal Development Plans for your reference. These are real plans, just with the names anonymized. They range from the first plan for a young rover to the plan of a senior rover who is experienced in the entire process. The key lesson if you wanted to start your own mentoring program is that each plan was developed by the individual rover, with the assistance of the mentor. We do not have a set of off-the-shelf solutions to goals. Each plan must be personal.

PDP – Brandon Ma – February 2012
PDP – Dillon Samuel – Year Start – 2012-13
PDP – Jennifer Smith – Jan 2012
PDP – Jennifer Smith – Year Start – 2012-13
PDP – Naomi Takami – Jan 9 2012
PDP – Nathan Park – Year End – 2012-13
PDP – Peter – Year Start – 2010-11

Workshop Slides

Mentorship – National AGM 2013.ppt

Any questions? Feel free to post them in the comments below.

Nick Pearson

One Response to “Mentoring Workshop

  • Mostafa
    4 years ago

    It’s great that you have recorded the video for such an informative presentation. The slides about “sweet spot” and the explanations about each set made it quite clear.
    Most importantly, I’m excited to see that you’ve shared some samples of the Personal Development Plans here.

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