What do you get when you bring four groups, all five sections, 124 kids, superpowers, and mix them all together?

You get Camp Power Evolution War: Physicist’s Extreme Work (That’s Camp PEW PEW to you), and a whole lot of smiles.

The beavers, cubs, scouts, and venturers from 33rd Richmond, 28th Terra Nova Richmond, 138th East Vancouver, and 23rd Elsie Roy were all invited to participate in a super secret opportunity to try new potions that granted superpowers; mind-control, super speed, levitation, x-ray vision, reality warp, neutralize, and power mimicry. All these powers were activated to help the patrols during the weekend’s program.


From obstacle courses, shelter building, first-aid, to an iron chef cook-off, the youth were put to the challenge through exciting activities.
In the end, the youth realized the true super powers were themselves.


Congratulations to Team 6 of 28th Terra Nova for taking 1st place, Team 11 of 138th East Vancouver for taking 2nd place, and Team 13 of 138th East Vancouver for taking 3rd place.


Nick Pearson

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