International Rovering, More than just a Moot point.

By: Sebastian Markwick


Scouting is huge.

With over 30 million members, we are part of the largest youth organization in the world. But scale is hard to understand until you see it for yourself, like realizing just how big Canada really is when you fly over it for the first time.


5000 Rovers

This August, Rovers from our crew, BC, and the rest of Canada will be doing just that (including myself). We will be heading to the 14th World Rover Moot in Camp Awacamenj Mino in Quebec where we’ll meet 5000 other Rover aged Scouts from around the world. This will be Canada’s first World moot, hosted in a partnership between the Francophone Association des Scouts du Canada, and the anglophone Scouts Canada.

What makes this event truly unique from other scouting events is that instead of experiencing the camp solely with other members of Scouts Canada, we will be camping with an international patrol composed of Rovers from all over Europe, South America, and Australia.

In order to find a patrol with common interests, Rovers were presented with a choice of three cities and four paths to explore during their time at the moot. The choice of three cities include: Quebec city, Montreal, or Toronto. While in our cities, we will follow a theme or path: Life, Eco-responsibility, Culture, and Adventure. Our activities in these cities will both allow us to explore the city, as well as give us a chance to enact real change by participating in service projects.

With less than a week to go, it is hard not to be excited! What makes this experience all the more unique, is that all over the globe, there are other Rovers just as ecstatic as we are here in BC. No matter race, religion, or nationality, we have something in common, yet also unique. This is what makes different, this is what makes us Scouts.


Stay Tuned

From August 8-18, Sebastian and a number of our Rovers will be at the Moot in Quebec. Check out our website in the coming weeks for an After Action Report!

Blaise Wong

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