By: Angel Liu

I joined the 180 Pacific Coast Scout Group in early February, and since then I have developed a strong love for this amazing group of people. I started out looking for something that would be most suited for me by exploring in different projects, including the International Project, and participating in running mini challenge games at the Competition Camp. Over the past three months, I think it would be most accurate to describe myself as being “scoutified.”

This word does not exist and, as a matter of fact, even I have yet to pin-point its exact definition. Nevertheless, please graciously allow me your next five minutes (depending on how quickly you read) so I can attempt to explain the meaning I wish to convey through the term “scoutified“.

What I really wanted to say with “scoutified” was the idea of immersing yourself into a safe environment with amazing people who truly care about you. As a second year university student, I found it increasingly difficult to meet people with whom I felt comfortable opening up to. Be it personal preferences, age, or other differences, there was always something holding me back from getting close to anyone outside of my immediate circle of friends. I am certain that I am not the only one who has experienced this. I like to think of the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group as a big ball of love and as soon as you join the Group, you just know that every single person in our Group is going to be your new best friend. The amount of trust, fellowship, and support within this group is simply incredible. People with all sorts of different lives and backgrounds gather together and it is so comfortable because we all have the same hopes for the future of our Scout Group.

So why should you join our Scout Group, you ask? Well, there are quite a few good reasons, but just to list some of them, perhaps you have an interview scheduled for your dream job, well just know that when you walk into the interview room you are not going in alone – our whole Scout Group will be there with you. Maybe you are having trouble trying to figure out your life and planning your future, in which case, do not worry because any of our Group members would be open to talk and help you organize your thoughts. There might come a time when you are feeling low because something unexpected and horrible happened; your friends in our Group might just be your leaning blocks then. All you have to remember is that when you are a part of the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group, you are never alone.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the term “scoutified” does not necessarily mean wearing the proper uniform complete with a brown neckerchief and various badges, and going on long wilderness expeditions that challenge our survival skills, although Scouts do both of those things. It also isn’t about competing to see who sells the most cookies during fundraising season (because we sell popcorn, which is totally different). It is really about a sense of community, and of belonging to something wonderful. Objectively speaking I still do not have an exact definition for scoutified but that is alright. Maybe when you join our Scout Group we can come up with one together.


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