Back Track: Operation Pixar Competition Camp Testimonial

It’s been about a month since our Operation Pixar Competition Camp. Since then, we have requested feedback from attendees to help us improve our next event.

Below is Scouter William Chan’s testimonial on his experience during the Operation Pixar Competition Camp. Scouter William is currently the Area Commissioner of the Pacific Spirit Area. For our Competition Camp, Scouter William was one of the guest judges in our Iron Chef Competition, where Scouts had to make and present a dish that revolved around a special ingredient.  

I have to say Operation Pixar is a concept of themed competition camp which is new to me, and perhaps to most of the participants and organizers. My own experience in competition camp was when I was a Scout or Venturer back in 1970’s in Hong Kong. What I recalled was lots of training, preparation, teamwork, highly competitive events and memories. I believe most of the participants at Operation Pixar would also make the same comments but add “lots of FUN” too.

 There will be no doubt that patrols with more training, preparation and better teamwork would have higher scores in the end. However, I believe anyone at that Operation Pixar camp would also meet new friends, learn new skills, support each other and try to earn more points from the judges. In the end, it will bring you some memories which you would remember and share for years to come.

 As the guest judge for the Iron Chef Competition, it was an eye opening opportunity to see and feel the teamwork and spirit. Each team tried to make good use of the ingredient by making a dish that not only tasted good, but also looked creative. They also had to present it well in front of the judges under the time limit.Team members gathered together to cheer for their dishes while presenters tried to answer all the questions raised by the judges. I still remember a dish that looked like a carriage with 4 nice wheels: it was like an art project!  Well done to all of you who participated in the Iron Chef Competition. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful experience which is now part of my memory forever and ever.

Yours in Scouting,

William Chan
Area Commissioner
Pacific Spirit Area


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