Final Push: Clarice's Study Tip #1 – Plan A Study Schedule

By: Clarice Fu

Are you covered in dust and cobwebs cause you’ve been studying at the library for hours on end, sitting in the same uncomfortable position, breaking only to mad-dash to the bathroom, cursing yourself every time you doze off cause you feel like you can’t cram fast enough for your exam tomorrow?? 

 Every day for the next 5 days, I’ll share a hot tip with you on how to survive final exams – from someone who truly cares about your sanity and has totally been there, done that.  I should mention that I love studying so much that I’m back in school taking courses part-time.  There are 4 more days until my accounting final exam (worth 75% of the course eeeeks!).   I’m in the same boat as everyone else preparing for exams, but unlike many, I’m excited to do my exam cause I know I will be ready for it.  You can feel prepared too!

Survival Tip #1: Plan a study schedule

Know what you’re going to study tomorrow, the day after, the next week – actually, have a plan from now until your exam day!  If you’re the type that opens a textbook and thinks “I’ll wake up early tomorrow, study like mad, and go as far as I can until midnight”, you’re really setting yourself up for failure.  You’re stressing yourself out – from not knowing if you’re going to cover all the material, and from not letting your brain take a break.  A good student is not defined by how many hours of studying you can fit into a day, but rather, how SMART can you be at studying.

A study schedule is definitely my favourite tool to keep me sane during exam period.  I started it two weeks ago – check it out below.

Clarice's study schedule

Click to see Clarice’s full example study schedule


The key is to plan backwards.  On a calendar, first write down the dates of your exams and figure out how many days you have left.  How many chapters do you need to cover? How many times do you need to go over the material or the practise questions/exams?  Plan out exactly what chapters you will be studying on what day. Then stick to it.

If you fall behind, adjust your plan to catch up.

If you finish early, reward yourself with a well-deserved break.  (Breaks are soooo important. Your brain actually retains more information with breaks vs. extended periods of studying!)

Stress can be good when you are in control of it.  Control your stress with a solid study plan.  Nothing beats the feeling of knowing you’ve accomplished what you have planned for the day, and that you are on the path to achieving your goal.

Give it a try!


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