Refining and Learning Transferable Skills

Project Management Training Workshop Level 1
By Stephanie Chan

The 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group is proud to announce the completion of our first Project Management Training Level 1 (PMT 1) Workshop of the year!  As a Crew focused on project management training, we covered several important topics that are essential and applicable to our Crew, school, or work environments.  These topics include how to start and close a project, how to set up an effective and realistic project timeline, how to conduct meetings, and effective team communication.

The two-day training session was hosted by our Senior Rover Crew members: budding public speakers and veterans alike.  They facilitated discussions and activities to illustrate techniques for successful project management.  This year, we introduced two new facilitators, Blaise Wong and James Ng.  They trained with our veteran speakers and delivered a fine performance.  Congratulations on taking your public speaking and presentation skills to the next level!

At the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group, we focus on two areas: management training and personal development.  When the things we learn in these two areas are applicable to our goals set in life, we call this the Sweet Spot.  Thus, our second round of applause extends to the participants of this PMT workshop.  The completion of this course is a step closer to hitting the Sweet Spot!  We host workshops like PMT 1 to equip our members with skills for managing projects and grasping how we operate within our Crew, but ultimately, our target is that these transferable skills will be applied to their scholastic pursuits, professional careers, and personal lives.

Congratulations to the participants for completing PMT 1!

Anthony Lam

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