Discovering Who We Are with Insights Discovery®

By: Simon Leung
Editor: Stephanie Chan

This summer, twenty Rovers of the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group had the pleasure and honour in attending an Insights Discovery® workshop hosted by the Centre of Excellence for Young Adults (CEYA).  Insights Discovery® is a communication and work-style preference evaluation based on the work of Swiss psychiatrist Dr. Carl Jung.  Every participant takes a survey to evaluate their most preferred communication style represented by four colour energies: Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earthy Green, and Cool Blue.  We all use these colour energies to different degrees but it is our unique combinations of the colours that defines our preferred style of thinking, working and communicating.

The workshop was an eye opener for me.   Through my life, I have been troubled by the inability to express my ideas to others and have others understand who I am.  Conceptually, I can be described as a collective of my own understanding, experiences, and memories.  However, these concepts are so abstract that the odds of having somebody else know who I am fall against my favour.  The workshop helped me understand how I can articulate who I am to others around me.  It also gave me an increased understanding of how I interact with others.  Because much of the success of the society we live in relies on effective communication, the workshop has granted me a beginning for growth and self-awareness—the path to a happier life.

Mapping ourselves on the colour wheel!
Photo credit: CEYA

At the end of the workshop, each Rover walked away with a personal profile, increased awareness of effective communication, and a new perspective on him or herself.  Because of the eight-hour interactive workshop, we are now equipped to take full control of blossoming who we are.


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  • It was such a pleasure to do this workshop with your group. We can honestly say that we was very impressed by your dynamic group of motivated leaders who are enthusiastic to develop their emotional intelligence skills of self awareness, self management, social awareness and social management. We hope to have the chance to work with your wonderful team again in the future.

    Russell and Christine, CEYA

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