"If you don't know where you're going, then any path will do"

As I near the end of my time as a full-time advisor with the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group, I often reflect on the impact that the Group has had on my life. Certainly, I would have never imagined that while I was a part of the Group, I would decide to change careers from being a Laboratory Analyst to a full time career as an Engineer Officer in the Canadian Forces.

After taking a year of military training in CFB Gagetown, I was surprised to learn how many of the things we teach in the Group, such as project management, public speaking and strategic planning, were directly applicable to the military. Among the many things that I’ve learned throughout the years, the lesson that has always stuck with me is one of leadership. The phrase “If you don’t know here you are going, then any path will do” consistently reminds me to examine not only the desired end state of my actions, but to share the same vision with others. A clear communication of the mission serves to rally soldiers in times of hardship in the line of duty.

The military also presents a very unique environment in that members all voluntarily choose a life of sacrifice, taking time away from their families in order to serve their country. Having the privilege to lead in such a setting, I have full confidence that the skills I’ve acquired thanks to the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group will allow me to be an officer worthy of the trust placed in me.

Eric Cheung is an alumni in the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group. He first joined the Group in 2007 and since then has taken on the roles including training coordinator for International Service Project Philippines 2009, a Personal Development Plan mentor and the Outreach Ambassador to the Atlantic Provinces.

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