DAY 6 – Meeting the Leaders of the Shaanxi Youth Federation

By: Karina Lee

Today, the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group had the opportunity to meet and partake in a cultural exchange with the Shaanxi Youth Federation, China’s largest youth organization.

The contingent was received by Mr. Duan, the vice-chairman and secretary general of the Shaanxi Youth Federation, and Mr. Mao, the vice-chairman and secretary general of the Shaanxi Youth Federation; the director of youth; the director of administration; the director of student associations of senior high schools and universities, and the director of Shaaxi’s Youth Federation of Exchange.


Mr. Duan started the exchange by introducing Shaanxi province and the Shaanxi Youth Federation. He highlighted Shaanxi’s rich history, diverse economy, and the work of the Shaanxi Youth Federation. This was a great opporunity to learn about China.

Scouter John Chow and Rover Pinky Au introduced Canadian Scouting and our Crew’s program.

We learned that both organizations share similar goals, such as servicing the community, environmentalism, and providing youth education.

The Federation was impressed by the group’s achievements at the Children’s Village. Moreover, Mr. Duan recognized the Crew’s efforts in leadership, management and personal development.

Mr. Duan, on behalf of the Shaanxi Youth Federation and Shaanxi province extended his warm welcome to the Crew for future visits.

During the open discussion period, Nick, Nicole, Paul, Clarice, Kevin Li, and Karina shared their individual experiences with China, and personal stories of what this China trip meant to them. These speeches were unrehearsed but the sincerity of each Rover’s sentiments were felt by all. Many Rovers expressed their interests in returning to China in the future.

Once again, we want to thank the Shaanxi Youth Federation for all their support during our stay!



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