Day 5 – Dancing and Singing with the Children

By: Karina Lee

To celebrate the unvailing of their newly painted mural we decided to throw an indoor campfire!

Everyone enjoys a nice campfire, even if they don’t necessarily love camping. Usually campfires are used to cook food, to keep people warm, and to keep bugs and predators away. The purpose of a traditional Scouting campfire brings people together, and raises the spirit of those around.

It is easy to forget that these children do not have the same access to social and recreational programs that other children have, whether they are in China or Canada. Their dorm mothers and fathers are teachers who provide basic care and necessity for life. Our crew felt that it was important that we share, even for a brief moment, our sense of childhood with those who are less fortunate.

The campfire team, Sofe and Harrison put together a song list, prepared a skit, and organized the lyrics to be transcribed from the song book onto lyric boards. Along with Sofe’s Mandarin, and Harrison’s strong leadership skill, the campfire was a success and everyone was singing and dancing on their feet.

You could tell the children really enjoyed the campfire from their non-stop laughter. It was like Harrison and Sofe were comedians! While the children were exiting the assembly hall for bed time, we heard some of them humming to the tunes of the songs we had sung.

We want to thank the two university students, Kenson and Michael who came back to the Children’s Village to help us transcribe the Chinese lyrics onto large scripts so the children and staff could sing the lyrics. The four university students’ Chinese calligraphy was remarkable!

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