Day 4 – The Children's Village

By: Karina Lee

The Children’s Village is a state-run orphanage for children up to the age of 18. The Village has facilities and programs that prepare the youth for success when they leave the orphanage. The vice principal, Ms. Cui Min, was proud to share that one of her past students is now one of the top ten sculptors in Xi’an.

The environment of the Children’s Village was very friendly, homey, and alive. There was a dining area, an assembly hall, separate sleeping dorms for the boys and girls, a basketball court, and several communal gardens. The youth live with their teachers, who care for them like their own children. The children take care of their own dorm, study hall, and dining area.

The dorm

The communal garden that feeds the Children’s Village

The DYI ping pong table

More photos to come!

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