DAY 3 – Train Ride to Xi'an

By: Stephanie Chan

If you ever want to get lost in China, the Beijing Railway station is the place to do it. Luckily, us Rovers have learned to be prepared and stick together.



Though we have never been in any one place with such numerous amount of people at any one time, we were able to survive the struggle and pushed through the hordes of people waiting to board the train. When we finally made it to our triple bunk beds and crammed quarters, the contingent was dead tired.


However, instead of heading straight to bed and getting some much needed rest on our eleven hour train ride to Xi’an, the contingent’s anticipation of finally being able to execute the first part of our service project was amping up. This is because tomorrow, when we arrive in Xi’an, we can get started on painting the mural we designed for the Xi’an Children’s Village! You know we are excited to begin painting when even after a sixteen hour day in Beijing climbing the Great Wall and exploring the Forbidden City, we find ourselves familiarizing ourselves with the gameplan for the mural. Our logistics project lead, Sam, will be guiding us through our day tomorrow. Can’t wait!


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