The GREAT Metrotown Scavenger Hunt!!

By: Shirvin Lee

Having trouble looking for lost items?

Want to refine your searching skills?

Those were two of the many reasons why thirty-one Rovers and guests were up for the first annual scavenger hunt on Friday, April 27th at Metrotown Mall.

In the grand court of the largest mall in British Columbia, the participants were separated into four groups, given only one booklet, one pen, and one camera. The booklet contained riddles and tasks that counted for points, and the team with the most points won. Some included makeovers at Sephora for the gentlemen for three points. Others included finding, then riding a clown fish for two points, and taking sticker pictures for four points!

Team 1 (left to right): Victor, Stephanie, Vincent, Nicole, and Paul

Team 2: Charlie, Kevin, Sam, Karen, and Julie

Team 4: Chris Cheng, Karina, Kenald, Jeremy, Bruce, and Clarice

Team 5: Elaine, Adrian Lee, David, Vivian, Eli, Darren, and Aaron

Last but not least, the WINNING team 3: Simon, Alfred, Liz, Carol, Shirvin, Anthony, and Sophia!

It was definitely a night filled with fun and bonding with team members. Maybe next year you can be crowned the winner of finding things! Thank you everyone for coming out, and Edna and Wayroan for organizing such an amazing event!


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