The Road to iProj 2012 – Spotlight 4: Huashan (Mount Hua)

By Stephanie Chan

One of the many adventures we have lined up for the contingent during our International Project (iProj) to China is a visit to Huashan (or Mount Hua). We have a half day to spend hiking and exploring one of China’s great wonders located east of the city of Xi’an (where the children’s village we are visiting is located). Huashan is known for its beautiful scenery and holds a long history of taoist significance, however, it is best known today as the world’s most dangerous hiking trails.

There is a deathly plank walk that looks strangely enticing as the eternal abyss of the mountain cliff eerily beckons us hikers to explore. Perhaps it is the surrounding, breathtaking scenery around the mountains that frames the hike to be entirely surreal.

The deadly plank walk

Family and friends: do not worry, we will not coerce the entire group to walk this thrilling life challenging trail (though its mystical beauty draws you to its charm, doesn’t it?). We will have different groups for those who want to conquer the mountain, and those who want to enjoy the many wonderful shops, sights, and temples along the way.

Would you risk your life to be able to say that you survived the most dangerous hike on the planet?

Looking back down the stair case.

View from tallest peak. Photo courtesy of Ben Ashmole


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