Guest Speaker – Carol Chiang

On January 8th, 2012, the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group had the honour of welcoming guest speaker, Carol Chiang. Carol is not only a Chartered Accountant for KPMG but also a partner and involved in the firm’s People Management Program. Furthermore, she is committed to organizations such as the Minerva Foundation and the Dynamo Swim Club. Her vast experience with an internationally renowned company made her an intriguing and engaging guest speaker.

Carol touched on two very simple but inherently powerful topics: Engagement and Performance Management. In terms of engagement, Carol had a philosophy that engagement is linked to three important points: Value, Opportunities, and Challenge.

What one values and how that aligns with their company or organization’s values can strengthen an employee’s engagement, fuel passion and sharpen focus. She gave personal anecdotes, stating that her values of diversity and integrity has continued to be in line with KPMG’s values.

The second point, opportunities, was poignantly addressed as finding and creating opportunities to contribute. When an employee contributes their personal strengths to an organization, it is usually the moment they are most engaged. In the end, the intrinsic award and confidence gained far outweighs any monetary reward.

Finally, challenge, and how one strives for success links to engagement. Continually reaching higher instead of settling into the comfort zone will help the employee gain: smarts (technicality), confidence and recognition. Lastly, Carol mentions that stretch goals, not base goals are what really help an individual succeed and overcome challenges.

Instead of merely considering Performance Management as an evaluation by the company, Carol views it as a personal discipline. Why? Simply because taking charge of one’s performance allows for the discipline of being focused on one’s own goals. Moreover, it aids in pinpointing personal development areas that can be improved. The second step is openness to feedback. The more accepting one is, the more inclination there is to improve and become better. The final key is re-evaluation. Ensuring that what one does what they want to do while adhering to their values and are on track.

Carol further gave the Rover Scout Group additional pointers such as having mentors who are willing to share the vision, their stories and experiences with you, surrounding yourself with those who want to embrace things and to continue developing relationships with those you trust. She also mentioned that it was important to gain recognition and take note of our own accomplishments.

Although Carol only spoke for a short period of time, the lessons she imparted to the Rover Scout Group will remain invaluable. Thanks to her uplifting and inspirational presentation, many in the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group were motivated to take performance management into their own hands and to establish greater engagement.

Thank you, Carol, for giving the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group an amazing experience and engaging us by sharing your vision, stories and experiences!

PCC Rovers

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