Our Christmas Story

On Saturday, December 17th, we did something that was unprecedented in the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group.

Apart from holding a very successful Christmas Party, we also invited our parents to join us for the night.  We realized that many of our parents may not know what we do in scouting, but they support our passion in it.  Therefore, not only was one of our top priorities to show our parents all the impressive things we do in the Rover Scout Group through speeches or testimonials, but to express our gratitude to them for their unwavering support, and to do so, each Rover presented their parents with a small, personalized gift.

Sponsors of our Rover Scout Group were also invited to attend, and amongst them, Mr. Clement Yapp (Grand Knight with the Knights of Columbus) and Mr. Martin Kwok (a leader from 33rd Kerrisdale who has been very supportive of our Rovers) attended to see our accomplishments.

The 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group works to foster individual interpersonal skills and abilities through our programs.  Several members of our Rover Scout Group went in front of all our parents to give testimonials to show how our program has benefited them through their own experience after having joined the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group.

In all, the Christmas Party was one of the biggest inter-Rover Scout Group events we have planned in the history of the 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group and highlights what the Rover Scout group is best at doing – perseverance, dedication and teamwork.  Not only did we accomplish our goals in thanking our parents and sponsors for their support, we all had a wonderful time mingling and bonding with each other before we all went for our own Winter Breaks.  Having good food surrounded by beautiful and festive decorations, there is no other way to put it – the Christmas Party was a great success.



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