Mount Baker Expedition

Several of our Rovers joined the contingent from Hong Kong last week to climb Mount Baker. It was an experience of a life time. Below is expedition leader Vince Poulin’s description of the trip:

Seven day’s of non-stop training paid off in dividends when on July 27 all members of the Mt. Baker Expedition stepped on to the summit of Mt. Baker. It was no easy feat. Other than just two members of the team, none had seen snow before, let alone strap on a pair of pointy things and climb it. Our event was well planned, and given the result, arguably exceptionally well executed, but with the likes of Ping Ho, Ken Leung, Eddie Tam and their Hong Kong support team what else could we expect.

I would like to extend my deepest thanks to Ping Ho, who with Eddie Tam prepared the Hong Kong scouts exceptionally well for their participation in the event. They were well equipped, knew how to ascend and descend ropes, operate cooking equipment, set up tents, coil rope, pack their gear and as a result, were prepared to learn basic and advance mountaineering techniques. Their preparation gave them an edge over our local PCC participants, but none-the-less, our Vancouver team rose to the challenge, worked exceptionally hard in camp, took spare time to work on knots and responded positively to every lesson taught them and every critique handed-out. I also want to express my sincere thanks to Richard Gallagher and Neil Bennett, two Canadian climbers who John Wong and I know from previous climbs and in the case of Neil, many days of hiking and training on local mountains. I invited Richard to participate, perhaps as pay-back. Richard was the climber who lead me and my sons up Mt. Baker in 2003, we also climbed nearby Mt. Shuksan together. Richard was able to stay with us for summit day, and provided valuable assistance to John Wong in taking one of our rope teams to the

From the day Eddie Tam emailed me saying Ping Ho would be coming, I knew this event was going to be a success. Ping’s leadership in Hong Kong and on the mountain was invaluable. Ping acted as Co-Expedition Leader. We talked over every aspect of the expedition’s preparations and conducted the training together. When my eyes were elsewhere, his were there. He is deeply respected by every member of his team, a respect I share. We’ve become great friends. Eddie Tam’s organizational and planning skills were everywhere evident. His team came nearly fully funded, and complete with banners and flags thanking their valued sponsors. I regret, one such flag was blown from the summit before that ever so valuable photograph was taken, but we did capture all others in digital images. John Wong was a great asset. He and Richard shared leadership of one of the summit team ropes and provided a strong example scouter values throughout the event.

I must express my admiration to all the team members, each of you were wonderful to work with and train. Your spirit will remain with me forever. Thanks ever so much. I’m richer for knowing you and I know you are richer for knowing me. Your images are now part of the Museum.

This special team included: Janet Kung (HK), Karen Shum (HK), Frankie Lee (HK), James Chan (HK), Jason Yau (HK), Kitson Lam (HK), Eric Cheung (PCC) and David Li (PCC). It was a pleasure leading you to your first summit.

Thank you to our 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group’s mentors John Wong and Vince Poulin for allowing us to join you on this trip. We look forward to more opportunities in the future to explore the great outdoors!

This is the end of our first blog post.  Click here to read our second expedition blog post!

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