Knights Before Christmas – A Knighting good time!

Knights Before Christmas, the second of a series of socials put on by the Rover Life team, was held on December 19th, 2010 in the warm and inviting Grand Room at King’s Landing.  Really, it was just an excuse for Rovers across the Lower Mainland to get together during the Christmas season to meet new friends and have a blast, but hey, let’s not sweat the details.

In the spirit of things, the tale of the evening must be told in the fashion of twelve days of Christmas through twelve great memories. In preparation for the evening, much effort was poured into the event, including:

1.     Smooth looking black and white version of tickets with a very cool design

2.     5am shopping at Superstore the night before

3.     Frantically collecting chessboards and knight pieces

4.     Purchasing wrong coloured balloons because “brown” looked like “black”

5.     Balloons popping on their own as a decorator sat in an alleyway blowing them up

6.     Streamers being not perfectly in the same frequency as each other (pointed out by a graduate of… Nutritional Sciences!!)

Of course, we can’t forget the details of the evening itself:

7.     Sexy Rovers greeting you at the door and doing coat check

8.     Black tickets vs. White tickets game of fishbowl icebreaker

9.     CHOCOLATE FONDUE!!!! And lots of other good food

10.  Cute, wacky, loving, professional, (you name it!) photos at the photo booth

11.  Launching marshmallows with party noise-makers at team-mates

12.  Gingerbread cookie decorating with brilliant colours

All in all, it was an evening of new friendships, good fun, and holiday cheer. If you were away travelling or stuck home studying for exams at that time – you missed out! But not to worry, this is only the beginning. Keep your eyes peeled for future workshops and events hosted by Rover Life, and make sure you keep the calendars free for us! See you soon!


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