Back to work!

So it has been a week since the last of us have come back from Asia and not only are we adjusting to getting back to our regular work and school life, but also back to 180th Pacific Coast Scout Group duties. Yesterday we had a project management workshop and our monthly management meeting back to back. The total disregard for jet lag felt strangely good as we all saw each other again and got back to our second jobs.

There is more training to come as this weekend as Eileen Peterson, a senior human resource manager at HSBC Bank Canada, will be facilitating a professional workshop for us. This workshop is given to most employees who work at the head office in Vancouver. The workshop focuses on how individuals are motivated by their perception of the world around them. It is designed to help team members realize their differences and work towards resolution instead of conflict.  More about the workshop can be found at

On a side note, please check out the Gallery and the Philippines Project for photos and videos of our trip.

We are currently sorting out over 40 gigs, so check back often!

– Paul Leung


PCC Rovers

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