Training gets underway!

The Climate Change and Leave No Trace teams got under way at Davao Wisdom Academy in Davao City. We led several workshops and held a school wide assembly. The students were very well behaved and had a great time with us.  It was impressive to see their level of dedication as the program ran well past the normal dismissal time.  In terms of impact, we believe that many of the students felt the importance to not only be aware of how their behavior affects the environment, but also take some personal responsibility to be that change. For the Leave No Trace program, the students made commitment bracelets to remind them of what they’ve learned and inspire them to spread the message.  Our teaching methods were also given praise, especially the fun element we added to a serious topic. We have started to realize that our preparation through out the year has helped us with added challenges, such as cultural and language barriers. There has definitely been a need for us to make adjustments to our program, which has led to a unique learning experience for us all.

Here are some pictures from Davao Wisdom Academy:

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Today, the teams will be off to a community centre to give our presentations to local city workers, girl guides, students, community leaders and volunteers. Stay tuned!


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  • hi there! i use to be the MC during our project in Malagos. I went home last jan. 6 and im so happy i have learned so much from the seminar. How i wish that filipino people will do the leave no trace as our daily subject so we can help our mother earth. thank you so much guys. God Bless all.

  • cindy liray
    8 years ago

    haie canadian scouters???? im so very happy that youve visit in here in davao city, specially in malagos camp.. hope will see each other soon..

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