Igniting change in the BSP

It has been less than one hour since KK, Lester, and I gave our Woodbadge leadership training module on Personal Development Plans.

I am exhausted…

I poured 110% of myself into that presentation and even though our audience was a little smaller than expected, it was worth it. I saw more than just heads nodding in the crowd, I saw in their eyes that they were really thinking about what we were saying. One BSP Rover Advisor who thanked me after the presentation had watery eyes.

I really want to thank Kev for securing the venue and audience for us. It would not have been possible if he did not propose to hold a second separate presentation to the Rover Advisors, instead of a joint presentation to Advisors and Rover Scouts.

We talked about real individual personal development, about caring for the individuals, about the Rover Advisor’s duty and responsibility to be involved in personal development, about being a mentor and more than just a friend, about deep dives to truly understand the individual, about nudging a Rover out of their comfort zone, about trust, and about the urgency to effect change now.

But now comes the hard part. It felt great to receive handshakes and hear the “thank you”s from the BSP Rover Advisors after the presentation, but if there is no action then there will be no change. I told each of the individuals who thanked me this “You’re welcome. Now comes the hard work. Ready?”

Our presentation is not the end of the training. It is just the beginning as we work together with BSP to continue the momentum and impact some real change.


– Brandon


PCC Rovers

6 Responses to “Igniting change in the BSP

  • Mark Louie Ramirez
    8 years ago

    hello pcc rover scouts . Mark here . i was totally enjoyed the workshop that happened lately .
    i learned much from it . promise, we’ll continue to act as ambassadors in our own little ways .
    THINK GREEN ! . 🙂

    My regards to ate Sophie . :))

  • cindy liray
    8 years ago

    hello to all canadian scouters.. i also really enjoyed our workshop, hope it will happen again.. may i greet my idol, scouter KEVIN LI,, hope you enjoy that workshop too.. im the one who had hug on you..in malagos camp..hope will meet soon…god bless u all in there..love yah!!! guyzz.. mwaaah…

  • jojo mangagom
    8 years ago

    hi Im scouter from calinan national high school

    i would like to thank to the rovers scout of Canada

    thank you for the wonderful workshop you shared to us….
    i really enjoy the seminar…. particularly the CLIMATE CHANGE and LEAVE NO TRACE workshop…… thank you and hope you will comeback again here in Davao City

    God bless you all…..

  • joel tubali
    8 years ago

    hey rovers scout Canada
    we are the dancing boys you remember the "nobody2x but you"
    we would like to thank you for all the knowledge you shared to us

    hope will see each other soon…..

    God bless you alll

    """THINK BREEN""""

    LOVE IT….

  • joel tubali
    8 years ago

    OWWW sorry

    """ THINK GREEN"""

  • Clarice
    8 years ago

    Dear friends of the Philippines,

    Thank you for your comments! We had a great time meeting you all at the Climate Change workshops, and you have impressed me with your enthusiasm for thinking green. We’re counting on you to spread the knowledge to your friends! We would love to to hear back from you with news of how you have changed to reduce your carbon footprint.


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