Happy New Year!

Traditionally, this is the time of year we take a moment to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. The crew, however, had to make a stop before we could take this moment. We spent part of our day to visit some underprivileged children who did not have access to public schooling. The only eduction they receive is sponsored from the local Scouts as a part of their commitment to their community. The Scouting Movement has allowed these kids to have at least a chance at a better life. Hopefully we helped this commitment by brightening their day with a few of our action songs and a toys.


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As much as Rovering is about providing service, we are also young adults who like to have a good time and wind down when the time is appropriate. We spent our new year on a mountain top to the tune of 80s music while overlooking the city below. In the Filipino culture, it is typical for people to spent time with their families during new year so it was with great appreciation that several local Rovers came and celebrated with us. It was a night of great food, good friends, and a countdown that we will never forget.

PCC Rovers

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