A letter from a Rover…

Currently sitting in the middle of the opening ceremonies for the Asia Pacific Regional Jamboree. This is the first free moment I have had in three days, and I’m loving it! Sleep is a way of the past, with 8 hours of sleep so far since landing in the Philippines. The field is full of 15,000 youth (roughly aged 10-16) and their energy. Impromptu song and greetings between all of the different countries is amazing to watch.  Spent an hour and a half taking pictures with random people who approached us. It’s going to take a week to work the immense smile off of my face. 

The home stay in the municipality of Cainta, a few short kilometers east of Manila, is nothing short of amazing. This was one of the areas that was hit by the flood a few months back. You could only tell if you looked hard. They were dealt five feet of water in an hour. The strength of the Scouting Spirit in this community is moving. 

So tired, but yet so full of life.

The APR Jamboree opening (12,000 people!)

PCC Rovers

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